Personal Coaching, What is a BASE.TRAINING personal coach?

What is a BASE.TRAINING personal coach?

Describing a BASE.TRAINING personal coach is a task that only the clients of the coaches themselves could truly do, so interspersed through this blog are some of their voices.


Relationship-based coaching

When you invest in your health by beginning training with a BASE.TRAINING personal coach, you are not paying for an hour of cheerleading or company – you are entering into a professional, long-term coaching relationship in which the coach will utilise the tools, experience and expertise at their disposal to help you reach the goals you have established with your coach.

Tammy Davies: “To me a BASE.TRAINING personal coach means access to gainz”

The relationship is based upon curiosity. Curiosity has its grounding in the word ‘cure’ and derives from the Latin “Cura” or care as we now use it. A BASE.TRAINING personal coach will help you understand your needs and care for them. They will nurture you through the tough process of physical, emotional and behavioural change, all with years of experience in helping clients achieve levels of health thought previously impossible.

Sharon King-Livesy: “To me a BASE.TRAINING personal coach means working one on one with my coach in person and through my individual program, changing my life”


Knowledgeable, Lifelong learners

A BASE.TRAINING personal coach is a lifelong student. They understand that humans are complex beings with individual needs and goals. Understanding this is integral to the success of a client under a BASE.TRAINING coach. That is why the BASE.TRAINING personal coach does not rest on land. The BASE.TRAINING coach sails the body of the ever-evolving sea of knowledge that is science.

James Taylor: “To me, a BASE.TRAINING coach means working one to one to help me develop technique and achieve my goals.”

Utilising both empirical and anecdotal evidence and working with principles to bring about endless amounts of strategies and techniques provides the BASE.TRAINING personal coach with the ability to adapt and overcome any task placed in front of them.

Daryl Domnigo: “To me, a BASE.TRAINING personal coach means helping me better myself after a busy shift at work, both physically and mentally.” 


Professional service

If you understand that to be a professional in any craft, passion, motivation and skill is needed, then you are reading the right blog and you have chosen a pathway that is not laced with misunderstanding and comfort. You have chosen to walk the path with a professional and navigating that path is tough.

Paul Dockley: “To me a BASE.TRAINING personal coach means, friendly, highly qualified, one to one support, planning and bespoke strength and conditioning training/coaching,  which centres upon my lifestyle and nutrition- that’s why I’m still fit and healthy.”

That is why BASE.TRAINING does not moonlight at the local disco or work two other jobs to support their true passion. A BASE.TRAINING personal coach is a professional. They are full-time and are dedicated to helping their clients reach their maximum potential. They are determined, disciplined and focused individuals that work together in a team to provide a service that is unrivalled.

Ben Freeman: “To me, a BASE.TRAINING coach means having a great atmosphere, great coaching, great fun.”



For life

Lastly, a BASE.TRAINING personal coach is for life. They are coaches that have chosen a career in the fitness industry and are providing a service that is made for those that believe in value. It is not for consumers. If you are tired of creating a relationship finally with a coach that gets you, and then leaves for a career in another industry then you need not look any further.

Our coaches aim to build relationships that last for a lifetime, or at least for your lifetime within this community. However, should you have to leave this community then you don’t have to leave your coach, we have the ability to coach remotely world-wide… watch out for our next BLOG on “What is a BASE.TRAINING Remote Coach”

Hannah Thompson: “Describing my personal coach in one sentence is hard… Having a base training coach helps me to achieve my health and fitness goals by eliminating any personal time spent planning workouts and evaluating priorities, allowing me to continue developing a successful career.”

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