Why Do We Scale?

Why Do We Scale?

Scaling – this might be a word that some you have come across at some point during your CrossFit training. So why do we scale our workouts?

We offer scaling options for a two simple reasons. Intensity and Technique. Intensity is the key component to attaining your fitness goals, and technique is a correlate of physical performance.

Remember, intensity can be defined as the power transferred per unit area. Intensity can be applied to other circumstances where energy is transferred. For example the kinetic energy of the 100 meter sprinter Usain Bolt.

Power = Force x Distance / Time

Force x Distance = Work

Ask yourself this question. “Have you ever found yourself half way through a workout staring at the bar, feeling like your trying to lift the world and failing massively?”

If the answer is yes, don’t worry you’re not alone, most athletes have been through this at some point. It is this feeling of despair that we are trying to avoid, and this is why we scale our workouts to suit our individual abilities.

When scaling a workout you need to choose a weight that challenges and taxes your muscular and nervous system sufficiently, whilst at the same time does not stop you in your tracks, leaving you with the inability to produce power during a WOD.

Technique is the other crucial component involved, for those of you that have spent any time at CrossFit Cambridgeshire, you will have noticed that we aren’t fans of poor technique. Poor Technique can increase the risk of injury and leave you unable to progress, and ultimately leave you unable to improve your work capacity. So although we want you to work hard we need to make a decision that allows you to maintain correct form and excellent technique.

In short you need to always be moving in a workout with a weight that challenges you sufficiently, does not stop you dead and does not destroy your technique, whilst, at the same time doesn’t allow you to fly through the workout in seconds few.


Written By

Lee Carder

Head Coach CrossFit Cambridgeshire.


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