What is stopping you?

The other day I came across a tweet that had a rather cool picture. Not just because of the outstanding landscape, or the epic beard but because of the sense of limitless possibility.

After looking through the guy’s twitter feed and checking his website I discovered that Sean Conway is an adventurer and endurance athlete. Taking on challenges like swimming the length of Britain, cycling around the world, climbing Kilimanjaro and running the length of Britain are just a few of his accomplishments. This got me thinking why is it that someone chooses to do these types of challenges and what is his driving force?

So I asked him the straightforward question, “what is your ‘why’ when it comes to your adventures?” His answer, which had a beautiful simplicity to it was: “because I can.”

Take a moment to think of a challenge that you would like to do, it could be physical like Sean’s challenges, work related or even a mental challenge, but make it big, bigger than anything you have set yourself before and tell yourself that you can do it. Everyone has the potential to achieve what they truly set their mind to. The first and best step you can make is to truly believe that you can do it – don’t focus on the why nots, but they reasons why you can.

I’m not saying these types of challenges just happen overnight. Physical training, planning, learning and mindset are keys elements in being able to achieve our goals, but having the firm belief of “I can” will get you a long way.

If you find yourself thinking negatively, practise saying more positive phrases instead. For example:

I can’t = I can
I hate = I prefer
I’m overwhelmed = I’m in demand
I’m scared = I’m excited
I’m stupid = I’m learning

I’d also like to give credit to the book Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins, which is teaching me so much about the value of vocabulary we use and how to make better use of it.

Coach Phil   

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