An Update on Programming

As some of you may have noticed, the box’s programming has taken a shape that some may not yet fully understand. To help you through this, all is about to be explained…

Following on from Coach James’ post about the zombie apocalypse (I mean pull-ups), we know that a dangerous time is just around the corner, and with all the recent flooding being functionally fit is more important than ever!


So, the programming has taken on a definite structure, as follows:

The weekly program

Monday: ATP CP (Strength) Lower Body Push + Aerobic Gymnastic

Tuesday: Anaerobic Alactic or Lactic

Wednesday: Aerobic Power

Thursday: Aerobic Power or optional rest day

Friday: ATP CP (Strength) or Dynamic ATP CP (Strength)

Saturday: Mixed Modal or Cyclical Aerobic Power

Sunday: Aerobic Power or Anaerobic Alactic/Lactic or active recovery

This may be complete jargon to some – if so then check out our previous posts “A Guide to the Language of Programming parts 1 & 2.”


What’s the reason for this programming change?

For those that are asking here is the answer…

Over the past year since we have opened we have learnt a lot about what type of programming works and what doesn’t. We have always had a plan in regards to where our programming is heading – whether that be mobility, skill development, strength and power production or increasing aerobic power.

To make the most of the time we have with you guys we have set up a program structure that if closely followed will lead to a definite increase in your fitness. Even if you aren’t able to follow this program to the letter having a varied mix of the sessions will still help you to improve at a fast rate.

Since Christmas it has been our aim to concurrently increase your strength and aerobic power. We have also aimed to touch into and develop your ability to work within the anaerobic system with short high-powered work leading into longer sustained high-powered work. You may have noticed this shift going from short work efforts of 30-40 seconds to longer efforts of 2-3 minutes.

You may have also noticed our aerobic power sessions going from longer sustained 85 percent work at around 10 minutes, 3–4 times with short rest periods, to short aerobic efforts with equal work to rest times. This development has the aim of blending your training into that hard, gritty, sickly zone that we all love to hate. This zone being the typical 15-minute AMRAPs that make you want to hide in the cupboard when they come up on the whiteboard.

If you were to choose to follow this program to the letter it would be a good idea to try to follow this simple weekly split with two rest days. Two days that would be perfect for optional rest days would be a Thursday and a Sunday. Rest is extremely important, as it is the time where your body is repairing the damage caused through training. Should you not allow your body to rest and recover you may enter into a state of detraining where you may see negative results.

I hopefully this article has helped to clear up some of the questions that may have been floating around. Please feel free to get in touch for more advice and information.


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