Testimonial Thursday – Jo

Why did you want to join CrossFit Cambridgeshire?

I joined mainly because member Rich Hannan wouldn’t stop badgering me about giving it a go! I was a member at a local gym and frequently attending classes but had hit a point where I felt

I wasn’t making any progress. I was looking for something that was going to push me a bit more, keep my interest and maybe be a bit more sociable than usual gyms. Every time I talked to Rich he talked about a different workout he had done or a new skill he

was working on. That variety, and ability to see real progress, appealed. The early morning class schedule also fit with what I was looking for. I convinced myself into it in degrees….deciding in the end to just give it a go and see what I thought.

How was your first experience with us?

 I did my foundation classes jointly with a friend which helped! The sessions were relaxed, friendly and pitched at our level so all in all a positive experience. I realised there was a lot to learn (and I wasn’t as fit as I thought!) but that was kind of part of the appeal. As soon as a I joined classes, people were really lovely and encouraging so I knew it was a good move.

What has been the highlight so far?

I would say some of the friends I’ve made and the progress I’ve seen have been the highlight. I really got the bug for it and consistent practice has meant I’ve continually seen improvements, even if it’s been some small skill development. People have come and gone along the way but there continues to be some brilliant people around who I love training with.

What does the future bring?

Hopefully a muscle up at some point! I’ve been working on some gymnastics and this is my ultimate goal. I’m also hoping to do the Rainhill Trials later this year so that will give me a focus for the next few months.

Would you recommend CFC?

Yes I would recommend CFC. Crossfit has been exactly what I was looking for and I still enjoy it as much 2.5yrs down the line. I love it and it’s a big part of my life so that’s probably the best recommendation I can give!

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