Testimonial Thursday – BG

Introducing one of our new members, BG, for this week’s Testimonial Thursday!

Why did you want to join CrossFit Cambridgeshire? 

Having just moved to the area I wanted to meet new people and focus on improving my fitness in a positive and encouraging environment. I had previous experience with CrossFit in the States, so I knew that a CrossFit gym would be a great place to find an enthusiastic group of like-minded people! Being coached through my early sessions was really important to me as I was recovering from knee surgery and I wanted to make sure that I gave myself the best possible re-entry into fitness.

How was your first experience with us?

It was awesome! I was really unsure of what my body could handle due to recovering from knee surgery. Having one to one coaching meant that I got the attention I needed to feel comfortable working through all the movements. Before I started attending classes, working one-on-one with Phil allowed me to reestablish my confidence, focus on areas for growth, and build a strong coaching relationship. Now whether it’s during a class or just about fitness/nutrition (or life in Cambridge, in general) I have someone I can go to who knows me and knows my goals.

What has been the highlight so far?  

I’ve really enjoyed incorporating classes into my daily routine. I feel like every day I am making progress in some form or another, and I am definitely on route to hitting my goals. Plus, the other members are a ton of fun to be around.

What does the future bring? 

I’ve completed my fair share of triathlons and enjoy the sport’s mix of disciplines. I also appreciate the healthy amount of grit (both mental and physical) that a triathlon requires. This year, I’ve decided to train for an Ironman. I’ve set this goal for myself because I want to commit to my training and complete an event that will really push me as an athlete.

Would you recommend CFC?

Of course! Joining the gym has been great for me as I have been able to work on my weaknesses and get coaching every time I’m there. If you’re thinking of making a fitness commitment to yourself, then you should totally give it a go. Not going to lie, it will be really hard at the beginning because there is a ton to learn and your body will HURT. But, at CFC you’ll get excellent guidance during the journey and meet fantastic folks who make it all possible. If you are consistent in what you’re doing, make and achieve small goals, you’ll see the progressions you want.

Patricia “BG” Tucker

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