Testimonial- Tan

Why did you join CrossFit Cambridgeshire?

I have always been into Fitness. I was back then into Boxing and Circuit Training 5 times a week. At 38 I was only a few years from hitting the big 40 so felt like I needed a new challenge. I had heard about Crossfit and a friend of mine was doing it in Australia and I became interested as it was all he talked about! There were 2 boxes in Cambridge and I was going to try both but went to CFC first and loved it! I did my Foundation Course at CFC in December 2012 and over 2.5 years later I am still there!

What goals did you have before you started at CrossFit Cambridgeshire?

I was curious about the Weightlifting side of it, even though I have been into fitness from an early age Weightlifting was something I had never tried so I was interested to see how much weight I could lift. My goal was and still is to continue getting stronger mentally and physically through Crossfit and to keep facing my fears and overcoming them

What have you learnt?

Apart from learning the basics of the movements I have also learnt a lot more about myself and what my body can do. In Crossfit you push yourself mentally as well as physically, and it’s made me embrace my strengths and try and work hard on my weaknesses. I, like a lot of people suffer with low self esteem at times but the coaches and members will always bring you back to your strengths and push you and encourage you all the way to the end of a workout (WOD). I must admit the one thing I have always worried about was getting ‘too bulky’, this doesn’t happen, you just become stronger and more toned, you will be surprised how many compliments you get! It has also taught me to never give up. There are times when I get frustrated and throw my toys out of the pram (the coaches deserve a medal putting up with me haha) but there will always be people there to lift you up again and make you focus on the good. There are also scales for everyone, the workouts can always be adapted if needed.

What have you achieved?

I am now 41 years old and can honestly say I am fitter than when I was in my twenties. The saying is Strong Body = Strong Mind and I truly believe this. Like I said in 2012 I had never lifted a barbell, I now have a Deadlift Personal Best of 112kg which is just 2kg from double my bodyweight, something I would never have thought possible. I have made some fantastic friends and am always blown away by the community that Crossfit has, it really is like a family. The feeling of completing a WOD that you absolutely dreaded when you walked in and saw it is amazing and well worth it. Whilst I was boxing we did a lot of skipping and I always felt I was pretty good, then I got to Crossfit and learnt Double Unders, this is where the rope goes round twice rather than once. I have a love/hate relationship with Double Unders but the sense of achievement once I have stuck with them is worth it in the end. I have also enjoyed learning handstands all over again, didn’t think I would be doing that at 41 years old!

What does the future bring for you?

I would like to think my Crossfit journey will continue. I can’t picture myself training anywhere else in the near future as I actually look forward to training at CFC from the moment I wake up in the morning (as cheesy as that sounds). I look forward to seeing all the members and learning something new and I just want to keep fighting some of the Crossfit ‘demons’ I have and continue to get stronger.

What would you say to others looking to Join CrossFit Cambridgeshire?

I would say come along! I can promise you, you will become addicted like the rest of us. We are incredibly lucky to have the coaches we have, their knowledge, programming, support and dedication is exceptional. The members will always greet you with a smile (and sometimes a hug!) and you will see how much of a community it really is and how everyone pulls together. Everyone has to start somewhere, I took the plunge and joined at age 38 so why shouldn’t you? come on, I know you are curious 🙂

I would just like to thank Coaches Lee, Phil and James for all their hard work and support. When I joined in 2012 there was only a few of us and now in 2015 we are in a brand new box with probably triple the space, a lot of members and some amazing equipment. You do us all proud, I for one can’t thank you enough. Keep up the amazing work and dedication!

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