Testimonial- Nick

Why did you want to start CrossFit?
I was looking for something that was a move from the conventional gym situation. Walking into the gym and having to come up with what I’d be working on or just doing the same thing all the time wasn’t doing it for me any more. I wanted to make sure that I was making good progressions for the time that I was putting in.

I’d heard about CrossFit and the appeal initially was the high intensity and being able to push myself in workouts. However I was concerned about doing this due to having a hip replacement 5 years ago. which I thought was going to stop me.  

The first few months
The one to one foundation was a real eye opener for me as it was apparent that CrossFit Cambridgeshire wasn’t all about intensity. Quality of movement and consistency were the topic of conversation and having the teaching methods made appropriate to me was really helpful as I progressed at a speed that was best for me. As I progressed into classes I had a really good understanding of what to expect, what I should be doing and how to reach my fitness goals.

What has been the highlight so far?
The group of good people who make up CrossFit Cambridgeshire are really special as everyone encourages and supports you in sessions as they’re all working towards improving themselves. The coaching and attention to detail is great plus they take care of everything from the programme, recording of results and keeping an eye on technique, so all you have to do is turn up for a class. Having the accountability of classes and other members really helps you to keep going in workouts that might not be your strong point. We’ve all thought about stopping at some point the others help you to keep going through encouragement and the effort that they are putting in.

What does the future bring?
In the past I had completed a few triathlons and in 2017 I’d like to give another one a go. My body now feels stronger and more balanced than ever before and I’d like to put it to the challenge against things I would have done in the past. I’d also like to improve more in the technical lifts like the clean and snatch.

Would you recommend CrossFit Cambridgeshire?
I’d really recommend CrossFit Cambridgeshire to anyone who is really wanting to improve their fitness and health. It will take time and consistency. But these aren’t that hard as you always have the guidance of the coaches and encouragement from the other members, who make up a great community that is was always fun to be in.


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