Testimonial- Jonny

Jonny joined CrossFit Cambridgeshire in November 2013 and since then has made some great improvements. We asked him a few questions about his CrossFit journey. 
What goals did you have before you started CrossFit? 
My goals for starting were fairly straightforward. Having put on weight and gotten completely out of shape I wanted to get fit and lose weight. I also wanted to enter a Spartan Race and complete it without passing out a quarter of the way round. My goals have changed through the last year because of CrossFit. 
Why did you come to CrossFit Cambridgeshire?
A friend of mine was tired of hearing me talk negatively about myself and kept suggesting I start CrossFit. He was so passionate about it, I thought I really should try this. I looked up CrossFit in Cambridge on the Internet but no results came up back then. I decided to start going to a normal gym and over about a year I lost about 14 lbs. This soon tapered off and I stopped seeing results, possibly because I was feeling bored doing the same old workouts. I started to lose interest and the weight was starting to come back on. My friend kept mentioning CrossFit. It had been two years since I last looked online for a local box and to my surprise a new search turned up with two results, the closest being CrossFit Cambridgeshire. I decided to take a look and signed up for the trial session, then the introduction course. Then I became a full member. 
What have you learnt?
Apart from the movements involved in this type of training, such as Olympic lifting, I have learnt so much. Not everything I have learnt has been physical – without sounding naff, I now have a much more positive outlook on life in general. The coaches and members have been great with teaching me about nutrition and have been really inspiring. I have learnt that it is possible to push yourself further even when you thought you were at your limits (#DBAP). This way of training was new to me, and learning about this style of varied high intensity training has kept me interested in working out. I have most importantly learnt that there is more to life than work… unfortunately we do still have to work though. 
What have you achieved?
My initial goals have been addressed and continue to improve. In the year of CrossFit with CFC I have now lost 24 lbs. My body fat percentage has reduced whilst my strength has increased dramatically. I have put a total of 35kg on my back squat since training here. I know these figures are not as high as some but when it was pointed out to me by coach Phil what this was in a percentage it took a whole different meaning. This time last year I was too embarrassed to use the weight room in my previous gym, whilst recently I have visited CrossFit boxes all over the country. This is something I never thought I would be confident enough to do.
What does the future bring for you? 
Firstly CrossFit will always be a part of whatever the future brings. I’m hooked. Because of CrossFit I have now also become more interested in the health industry, and this has pushed me to start a course on nutrition. Who knows, maybe in a few years I could change career – I would like to work with overweight and diabetic people. As far as my CrossFit goes I would like to be able to join others from our box in competitions. I’d like to set a goal of entering my first competition in about two years time, something I never would have thought I would be interested in. Having seen the coaches and members of CrossFit Cambridgeshire compete has given me this goal. Let’s not forget that Spartan Race, September 2015 is my date for that. Anyone interested in joining me let me know. The more the merrier!
What would you say to others looking at joining CrossFit?
Do it. Don’t think about it… Get out there and join up at your local box. CrossFit Cambridgeshire has a great atmosphere and I feel we are like a little family. If you listen to the coaches then you will get results. I’m not saying it won’t take hard work to achieve your goals but having a box like CrossFit Cambridgeshire to go to will make it easier. Everyone is so supportive. You will meet some great new friends too.  
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