Testimonial- Iain

I have been a member at CFC for little over 8 months and I can honestly say that, deciding to join the gym was the best decision regarding by health, fitness and hobby, I have ever taken. I first heard about CFC when I saw posts from friends at different gyms, they were making impressive progress and looking in great shape. I meanwhile had been going to one of the best equipped gyms in my area, which had every bit of kit you could imagine yet making no progress at all. I relocated to Cambridge and the first thing I did was to scope my options for continuing my fitness journey. I didn’t however really know what this consisted of I just wanted to be in “decent shape and reasonably fit”.

So with the posts of my friends in mind and a vague idea of what crossfit was.  I knew I had to give it a shot. I contacted CrossFit Cambridgeshire, had a couple of calls with James, then an introduction session with Lee and was immediately taken in. I knew from their approach, knowledge and expertise that I would make significantly more gains than if I went to your average gym. I knew the investment I’d be making would be worth it.

My first real experience was a fitness and mobility assessment (or session 1 of 15 on the foundation course) was both great and terrible. Great because I started to understand in more detail their principles of fitness which is based around sound mechanics, consistency and then intensity. Working this way I realised I would have to learn lots, but there would be someone watching my technique and I would be getting actively coached every day. Being able to easily record and track my progress also keeps me motivated as I can see the progress that I have made. It was something that I really was willing to work for and that it was the right choice for me.

I progressed through the foundation course, which was excellent and critical for transition into the classes with confidence in my ability and the movements i’d be doing. My fitness improved straight away, and more importantly I was learning techniques I was too scared to try in my previous gym. I now do the workouts 5-6 times per week and absolutely love them. The programming is brilliant, constantly varied and the coaching through the workout is excellent, everything from tips on technique and strategies for maximising performance. The warm up and warm downs are also great and mean since month 1 I haven’t had any injuries.

My highlight so far is seeing the progress I have made. I have progressed across the board with everything from metabolic conditioning, strength and power in weightlifting. My body shape has also changed plus I have addressed my diet which is making the progression even quicker. There’s a long way to go but so far so good!

The advice, coaching and tips the coaches provide is knowledge based and wide ranging so I have got a full plan with goals for the next few months which cover training, accessory work and diet, something I haven’t had before. Looking back this is one of the big differences from other gyms. With this in mind I’m really looking forward to the future, for the short term at least the goal is to continue to progress, put a bit more weight on and improve my personal performances in the classes.

I would not hesitate to recommend CrossFit Cambridgeshire and their methods to anybody who is interested in getting fit and in shape. You’re getting a coach and not just a gym which is the key differentiator and the classes are the platform for putting in the work and getting better results. The coaches and other members are all really friendly and welcoming, making it a great progressive environment to train in.


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