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BASE Training Receives National Recognition

BASE Training, located in Clifton Road, Cambridge, is an independent fitness training facility that is receiving recognition on a national scale by being shortlisted for two categories in the National Fitness Awards 2018:

  • Regional Gym of the Year (South)
  • Best Functional Training Gym of the Year

Over 100 clients from Cambridge and surrounds rely on their personal coaches at BASE Training to provide individualised, long-term health and fitness programs as well as specialised courses and a busy program of workshops and seminars.

One-on-one relationships with their clients empowers the team of five highly qualified coaches to provide optimal exercise and nutrition prescriptions of the highest standard. Together with Head Coach Lee Carder’s constant pursuit of the most advanced coaching principles, BASE Training’s clients benefit from health and fitness programs resulting in their ability to optimally function across their living, sporting and working environments.

Who utilises this service?

Many BASE Training clients are busy executives working in the local, fast expanding business community, for example Arm, Astrazeneca, Cambridge Assessment and Mills and Reeve. Many come to BASE Training bored of their ineffective cycle of traditional gym memberships and fad diets. They’re often challenged with high stress levels and back pain from sitting behind a desk all day, but BASE Training’s coaches help them gain control of their health. Many clients describe how their fitness programs directly impact them exceeding their professional KPI’s and sporting PB’s.

Other clients include weightlifters, GB Ultimate Frisbee players, triathletes, Ironman competitors and rowers. They rely on their coach to elevate their sporting performance to the next level.

New members are told that their experience is likely to be different to other fitness related journeys they’ve had before, and likely to be better than they think. Proven by the members’ results, it seems they’re right.

Long term member Paul gives his thoughts

“I’m a busy professional with an active social life, but travelling, business lunches and lack of routine caught up with me and led to early signs of diabetes and high blood pressure. I became bored of my ineffective cycle of traditional gym memberships and started training one-on-one with Lee Carder at BASE Training. All my health issues have now reversed. He’s my lifelong coach. I rely on him, I’m strong, I sleep, eat and work better.” Paul Dockley. BASE Training client

Spokesperson for the gym Sharon King-Livesey said “BASE Training’s owner and Head Coach Lee Carder and his professional coaching team are delighted to be receiving national recognition for the genuine care and results they provide to their clients.”

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