Programming- for may

So as discussed in my last post about the focus of this phase we have been following a General physical preparedness template. This means that we have seen a larger variety of exercises and workout type, ranging from from the long duration lower intensity to the high intensity shorter duration. They have included elements from all areas of the spectrum, see diagram below….

Programming for the month of May
It is the point where these three elements intersect where CrossFit has made its mark so eloquently, and this is where true broad, general and inclusive fitness is built.

However do not be fooled, working in this area of the spectrum needs to be earnt. You must build the three elements separately first in order to gain a chance to train here. This type of training must be programmed smartly and must not be random, you must maintain a balance between all of the elements mentioned in order to gain a higher level of fitness.

So as always we aim to ensure we have progression within our classes, as we progress forward you will see more higher powered aerobic work and less long duration 85% effort pieces.

In terms of our strength work, to ensure you are getting the most your of it you must pay attention to the weights that you are lifting. To encourage the correct response for your nervous system and your endocrine system, you need to be going heavy as long as this doesn’t break our Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity law. Remember you must earn the right to work at high intensities!!

“Heavy” means above 85% of your 1 RM, anything less than this and your are risking missing the stimulus  that we are trying to encourage from your body. Please understand that we can manipulate percentages of your max to elicit a different responses depending on the focus of the session.  But to encourage strength we must lift at high percentages of our 1 RM, this doesn’t include your warm up sets,

Eg. if the WOD is 8 x 3 Deadlift, each set of 3 must be at 85% upwards of your 1 RM.


I hope this has kept you up to date on our focus going forward as always any questions please do not hesitate to ask!!

Coach Lee

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