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Membership Increase & Contracts.

We believe that our service at CrossFit Cambridgeshire is second to none, and it is for this reason that we will be introducing a 3 month minimum contract to all of our members. This is so we can plan for the future months and get more equipment for the box.

Our membership price will be also be increasing for new members only, all current members will stay on their current rate. If anyone has any questions please feel free to get in contact by way of email and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


New Membership prices:

  • Unlimited (3 month minimum contract) £80/month
  • Limited 2/week (3 month minimum contract) £65/month

Proposed timetable change

As you all know, CrossFit Cambridgeshire is constantly looking at ways to improve the fitness of its members, and we continually look for the best ways of achieving this aim. It has come to our attention that a new protocol in programming is needed to help every member progress optimally, as it can be difficult to pinpoint people’s goals across the general programming. To help us help you achieve your goals we are going go be operating a new timetable. This new timetable will allow us to program more specifically for every individual. Using different tests we will be able to tell you your strong areas and the areas you need to improve.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
0630-0730 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
0930-1030 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
1200-1300 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
1300-1800 Open Box Open Box Open Box Open Box Open Box
1800-1900 Strength WOD Foundation Class Strength WOD Foundation Class Strength WOD
1900-2000 WOD Barbell Club WOD Barbell Club WOD
Saturday Sunday
0900-1000 CrossFit Class 1100-1300 Open Box
1000-1100 CrossFit Class 1300-1400 CrossFit Class
1100-1200 Strongman
1200-1400 Open Box
1400-1500 Gymnastics


Please note these timings are yet to be confirmed.

Timetable explanation

CrossFit Class (GPP)

These daytime classes will continue on the same current format, and will feature similar programming to the evening CrossFit classes, but in a slightly more condensed form. This class will be perfect for those just looking to maintain a healthy balanced General Physical Preparedness (GPP).

Open box

Open gym time will be extended, so that it lasts from 1pm to 6pm each weekday.

Strength WOD

The strength WOD will consist of a pure strength workout. This means that we can factor in sufficient rest times with the aim of getting you significantly stronger. Classes purely concentrating on strength will hopefully encourage you to go heavy when you need to, and not hold back so that you can kill the conditioning WOD that usually follows. Recommendations on how many SWODs you should be attending each week will be given once we have the results of the testing phase (see ‘Testing’).

Strength is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle; I like the phrase “the stronger you are, the harder you are to kill!” Many movements rely on strength and so it is very important to maximise this area of fitness. By testing rep max’s we can determine whether strength is your limiting factor. It will also allow us to prescribe appropriate loading for each workout to ensure you get the best possible response.

WOD (conditioning)

The evening WOD classes will consist purely of metabolic condition workouts. They will be similar to those already taking place in the current classes but without the strength element there will be more time to include WODs of various lengths. We know that not everyone needs to work on their 15 Min AMRAP times for example, some people need to work specifically on higher powered, all-out efforts that last no longer that 60 seconds. In the current class format it is hard to factor in sufficient rest times, and so by utilizing a full hour your training time will be put to use more effectively, which will lead to faster and more progressive gains.

Barbell Warriors

Olympic lifts – the clean and jerk and the snatch – are an essential part of CrossFit. Teaching the ability to recruit every muscular unit in the body at the same time and athletically open the hip is a skill that is essential for helping you reach your full potential. It is also a vital stage in the hierarchy of athletic development. To expose more people to this complex skill we will introduce two barbell classes programmed specifically to make you more proficient in these lifts.


For this new timetable and programming shift to work effectively we need to set standards. To do this we need to complete a thorough assessment of our members – this will help us set standards for YOUR gym.

The tests that will be completed are listed below:

Body Composition:

A Summation Scoring System will be used when taking skin fold measurements for every member. These measurements will then be kept confidential and a set of averages can be taken to produce set standards and norms for the members of CrossFit Cambridgeshire.

Movement and Mobility

Movement and mobility screening will enable us to advise you on the best accessory work for you as an individual, this is work that you can complete in your own time to correct any muscular and postural imbalances to help your overall development.

Work capacity 

It is important to understand which of our energy systems we are the strongest in, and those in which we are lacking. For General Physical Preparedness we know that if we are weak in one area and have a high capacity in another we are limiting our overall fitness. It is a broad base of general fitness that we as athletes and humans are looking for so that we can build on top of these layers. Using specifically programmed WODs we can gain an idea of which energy systems need work, and then from there we can advise you best on how to work on those weaknesses to improve your GPP, and which classes will most benefit you.

After competing these tests each member will be prioritised into a different category – this will help us when programming so that we can design workouts that concentrate on the needs of an individual and the group by introducing more scales to the WODs.

Body Composition + Work Capacity

16/12/13 Body Composition & Aerobic Power

17/12/13 Body Composition & Anaerobic Power

18/12/13 Power clean 1 Rm & CP/ATP Battery test

19/12/13 Body Composition & Aerobic Power End


Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for an explanation of the monthly template that will be your guide on which classes you need to make it a priority to try to get to.

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