My first half marathon

Waking up early on one of the hottest days this year (maybe our only one) I started to question my sanity as I prepared to run 13 miles at the flaming June half marathon in Histon. Having only run 10 miles once before and it totally destroying me, I was a little nervous. But meeting up with the other guys from our lovely box suppressed this slightly.

It wasn’t long before we were off…this was really happening and there was no turning back or hiding in the bushes!  I’d carb loaded the night before (because isn’t that a thing runners do?) and I knew I had a good aerobic base from all those ridiculously long WODs, but this would be the first time where that mental endurance would have to kick in without the support from other members going through it with you. It was so nice to run alongside other people that were all there for the same reason, to finish the task at hand and enjoy the challenge ahead. I tucked myself in behind other runners who I thought were at the same pace as me and plodded along, taking it mile by mile and keeping a steady pace. For the most part the race was surprisingly ok until mile 9, this sucked big time!  It was a long stretch of pretty similar countryside and I knew it was coming up to the point that marked my longest run, and then a saviour in the form of a lady with a hose appeared!  With a refreshing sprinkle I was ready to tackle those remaining miles ahead.   Surprisingly my legs held up and I made it round in a good time for a novice, all that was left now was to not move all day!

I’m not sure I’ll be signing up in a hurry for the next half but I’m really glad I did it. A huge thank you to everyone that came down to support, you really made all the difference! And an extra special thanks to all the marshals who gave up their Sunday to be there at every turn with their tireless enthusiasm. And well done to all the other guys who participated that day, for non-runners I think we did our box proud!

Written by CrossFit Cambridgeshire member Sam

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