Hitting your goals- introducing toby

I’m sure most of us have been in a situation where we want to improve, better ourselves or just achieve something. It is a completely normal thing to think “if only…”. We have a natural desire to become better and get more from life.

This is our goal at CrossFit Cambridgeshire. We supply you with the tools you’ll need to improve your health and fitness alongside safe instruction, education of exercises, programming and encouragement, which comes from the supportive community and your coaches. However, you can take it further by setting yourself clear goals, and this is something I have done myself since the beginning of the year. As a result, I’ve had some great improvements and so I wanted to help others as well. Last month I put the question out to our members, “do you want help to achieve a goal?”

As a result of this Toby C contacted me.

Toby is a member at CFC, he completed his first WOD with us on 25th September 2015. With this date in mind he has set himself the goal of getting a 350kg CrossFit total on or before 25th September 2016. We are going to do a series of blogs, pictures and videos showing you what is involved to help and document Toby work towards his goal. After talking things over and working out a suitable plan of action we confirmed that this is something that he’d be willing to go public with. This in itself is a great way to be held accountable and ensure that you stay on track.

During the coming months I’ll we’ll post about some of the ways to make sure Toby stays on track. The first thing we talked about was setting a reward. Toby has decided to get himself a lifting belt when he reaches this goal. To maximize this incentive, he has printed out a picture (to be kept somewhere he will often see) of the specific belt that he wants with, “Before the 25th September 2016 I will achieve a CrossFit total of 350kg, when I achieve this I will reward myself with this Rogue lifting belt.”  


Stay tuned for more to come!


Coach Phil

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