Christmas Party and Awards

As we cruise through January we would like you to cast your thoughts back to the evening of our Christmas party. It was an amazing turnout with over 60 of our CrossFit family attending. All the coaches would like to say a big thank you for finding the time to help us celebrate the year and recognize those that have helped make the box what it has become.


A good work Christmas party is nothing without a drink or two so the venue had to be the newly opened and very cool Pint Shop, where our own Adam Burns works. A big thanks to all the staff there for helping make the evening such a success. And speaking of successes, this leads me onto the awards from the evening.


Members’ member

Claire Philip

This lady needs no introduction, you were undoubtedly mobbed with hugs by this jolly cuddle monster on your first visit to the box and if not you would have been grabbed since… and if you’ve still been left out just make eye contact for more than for a few seconds. Claire was one of our first members and along with being an inspiration in her attendance her attitude undoubtedly is what made her your very own chosen “members’ member”, congratulations Claire.


Keeps Getting Better (sponsored by KGB)


Rich Hannan

Rich is always positive and comes to the box every time with a serious “can do” attitude. He has been with us for from the beginning and has made huge leaps in strength, mobility and skill. Truly he is one of the rising stars of CrossFit Cambridgeshire due to his immense dedication to “keep getting better”.


Mel Au-Burns

The Mel that first came to CrossFit Cambridgeshire was much quieter than the one we have today! Her skill increases in movements like the Olympic lifts (much to lee’s glee) and her strength developments (most notably her presses) are just amazing for the time she has been training. With her helpful nature, and these improvements Mel just “keeps getting better”.


Coaches’ awards


Lee – Rob Gill

Rob has been with us now for quite some time and officially has the CrossFit bug. He is an amazing example of how dedication really pays off, and over 2013 I’m sure Rob won’t mind us saying he has got leaner, stronger and more flexible. Even though he still hates burpees, he gives it his all every time.


Phil – Faye Konradt

Faye’s ability to keep working on technique is awesome – in the last few months we’ve seen great improvements in her movement. Watching Faye’s skills increase is so satisfying for all the coaches. Her perseverance has paid serious dividends and so that, and the big smiles she brings led her to being Phil’s choice.


James – Michael Cinque

Also answering to Diamond Mike and No. 5 this man has jumped head first into CrossFit Cambridgeshire. He makes anyone and everyone feel comfortable around the box, and gives the most handshakes, pats on the back and winks, and for this we love him. Huge strength gains, dealing sensibly with injury and forever fighting against his mobility issues, it is a pleasure to have you Mike.


Tom – Matt ‘Durry’ Drury

Matt is known for giving it his all at the gym, and sometimes leaving a puddle of sweat on the floor! All members at CrossFit Cambridgeshire train hard but Matt seems to enjoy suffering a smidge too much. His work ethic, sense of humour and positive attitude is fantastic motivation for all those around him.


We wish we could have given awards to each of the members because everyone of you has made our first year possible and you have all achieved so much. We’re looking forwards to more fun times, more hard workouts, more late night socials and enjoying spending every day with you great people.


Another big thank you to KGB, Pint Shop and of course the amazing organizational skills of Coach Phil for making the Christmas party possible.


Coach James

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