Can health and Fitness Training always be FUN?

Are you a parent, a business executive or a scientist that has struggled with your health and fitness, and have found that you have always gone in search of FUN exercise methods? Unfortunately, it would be a lie if we were to tell you that it could be super fun at all times…. But read on, not all hope is lost, in this Blog I will discuss how to understand your why and how digging a little deeper, will empower you to build the confidence, stamina, strength, self esteem, and the unstoppable mindset that will allow you to enjoy  your exercise through the testing times and the good times.

Why the honesty?

Making positive change can be tough, making changes to your personality is hard, making changes to your person that elicit positive health responses is even harder.

However having by your side a supportive network of likeminded friends and family, and importantly a professional honest and knowledgeable coach, will, help you become response-able, being “response-able” is the ability to respond appropriately and positively to the challenges that will arise during your health and fitness journey, it is a key difference to making lasting change.

We aren’t always able to control our choices

We aren’t always able to control the choices we make sometimes we believe the worse choice to be the most appropriate option, this isn’t based on reason and logic but on fear and child hood coping mechanisms, which at the time, were appropriate responses to the situations we were in, however we tend to carry these throughout our lives and replay them even though they aren’t appropriate anymore.

Understanding the Deeper reason

Understanding the deeper reason behind why you are trying to be fit and healthy will allow you to develop the unstoppable mindset and motivation needed to get through the tough times. Take time with a professional coach, a friend or a medical professional to ask yourself the question; Why? do this 5 times over and you are likely to get to the deeper meaning behind your need for change.

Take Control 

Understanding the deeper meaning and your Why, will add to empowering you to becoming ultimately “responsible” and take control of your health and lifestyle choices.

All Hope is not lost

All hope of enjoyability is not lost, i’m here to tell you that once you have discovered the deeper reason to your need for change, once you have become both responsible and response-able, once you have begun the process of developing an unstoppable mindset, you will enjoy the process of health and lifestyle change through the testing times and the good times, MUCH, MUCH more.

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