Break your fast and set yourself up to achieve

Recently I created a blog on how small achievable goals are the key to continual progression and making sure you stay on track. If you haven’t had a read of it, I’d suggest that you jump over to it before you start reading this one.

After reading the last blog, I’m sure you’ll agree in order to get the results that you really want, you have to be consistent in what you are doing. You must make sure that the goals and challenges you set yourself are realistic, achievable and that the building blocks to these are maintainable for the long term.  

So what is the next achievable step for you? You’re being nice and consistent with your workouts, working hard and making good progressions. Once you’re at this point, you need to be able to look at what other areas you could improve on. This could be anything from working on quality of movement, recovery time, sleep, or nutrition.

For me, my nutrition was the area that I wanted to address. The key things were cleaning up the foods that I was having and making sure I had good food available and ready to eat when I needed it, rather than looking at the fridge and just eating anything. Being tired from a long day the last thing I wanted to do was prepare and cook a meal, which ended up in me eating random bits and I’d keep on picking on this until I went to bed. 9 times out of 10 I’d end up eating more than I really needed to and the meal wasn’t really very balanced.

What I decided to do.

I usually eat a hot breakfast but sometimes it feels like a bit of a flap chopping, whisking and cooking every morning so this was something that I needed to look at. Secondly, I had to come up with a lunch/dinner solution. Quite often one of these is rushed so I wanted to make sure that I had an easy option available to me so I could carry on with what needed to be done but not have to sacrifice on quality, taste, or time.

So the first step was to come up with a few breakfast options. The things that I wanted to consider in coming up with options were the following, do I need to cook or reheat, does it fill me up, and do I get everything I need from it:

  • Do I need to cook or reheat- I prefer to have a hot breakfast but don’t always have the facilities to heat things up.
  • Does it fill me up- the last thing I want is to have breakfast then feel hungry.  
  • Is it nutrition dense- my initial goals was to clean up my diet so I need to make sure that whatever I ate was nutrient heavy.


This is one of those meals that most people say that they couldn’t eat the same thing each day. However if you think about it, most of us do it, it just sounds strange when people tell you want they have compared to you.

Next I had to decide on what it was I wanted to eat in the morning. I wanted to come up with at least 3 different options then use the specific points outlined above to refine things further. As a result of this I have ended up with 4 different options   

Omelette (lots of filling options)
Overnight oats (no need for any heating)
Shakshuka (poached eggs in tomatoes and veg)
Banana pancakes (easy to customise)

By taking the time to outline what it is I need from a breakfast and giving myself clear options, it makes things a lot easier to stay on track. The omelette is a great option to use up leftovers or things that just need finishing before going off. Overnight oats give me the chance to make something the night before and takes approximately 1 minute and can be customised. Shakshuka is my go to at the moment as it has lots of veg and is super tasty. Finally, I have gone with banana pancakes which again can be customised and are a bit more of a slow Sunday breakfast.

Stay tuned for future blogs that will cover the recipes for these dishes and then we’ll look at what I do for lunch options.   

Coach Phil

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