Base.Training is a fitness coaching facility set up to serve the community that surrounds it. Our mission is to help others experience life to the full and we have created a process to support that journey. Through a one-to-one BASE.TRAINING personal coach / client relationship we are able to coach individuals at any level for any challenge, whether the goal is to move well and look good, or perform to your maximum potential. 

We strive to build supportive network of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle systems built around a community of likeminded individuals. Base.Training’s culture is at the centre of everything. These two components combined bring about change that lasts – we view your health and fitness as a fluid and dynamic journey of self-expression and discovery. 

Our pledge: to provide the best health and fitness coaching in the industry 

Our mission: to ensure our clients needs are listened to and cared for, and provide coaching for every individual that is in need of it and to aid clients in experiencing life to the full.

Our philosophy: to provide a coaching approach that is around the client so they are nurtured to their fullest potential

The Base.Training Method

When you enter into a professional relationship with a BASE.TRAINING personal coach, you will have a coach that is fighting in your corner working with you on all of the aspects that affect your health. Your coach will use bespoke programme design implemented through our hybrid approach, they will help you take personal responsibility for your health, educate you, inspire you, motivate you and assist you in reaching your goals.  Our focus is separated into three components, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Movement, each is part addressed in a concurrent fashion increasing confidence, building new habits, reducing anxiety and ultimately helping you achieve your potential.

You can take solace in the knowledge that your purpose is aligned with yourBASE.TRAINING personal coach and the business. This helps to contribute to the long term success of all involved. 

Becoming a member at Base.Training means that you will work to achieve more than you have imagined possible. Our innovative coaching system means that you will have support at all times – you will invest into a coach that will work with you side by side to ensure that you are successful.

Step one: Consultation

Each client starts with our consultation process. Here theBASE.TRAINING personal coach will take time to understand your needs.


Step two: Assessment

Each client will under go a period of assessment to make sure that you are moving and functioning appropriately.

Step three: Ongoing professional coaching

Each client enters into a professional relationship with a coach who will help you decide the best approach to make long-term, consistent and lasting change.

Want to find out how you can start this journey?

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