Are you socially fulfilled, or lonely and addicted to your device?

Its one of the biggest contradictions of our time. Through technology, weve never been more connected. But in reality, as many studies have shown, weve actually never been more disconnected.

Some have even said that were experiencing a loneliness epidemic. And the ramifications of that are no joke. Research has shown that loneliness can have more of a greater negative impact on ones health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being obese.

It makes sense, though, if you think about how our modern society operates.

Compared to the old days,we often live far away from family members and friends. But an even bigger cause of loneliness stems from the very technology that promised to make us more connected. Instead of helping us connect, this socialtechnology has replaced face-to-face interaction and has led us to feel more isolated.

Clearly, the Internet doesnt have all the answers especially when it comes to human connectedness and forging healthy relationships that can improve our well-being.

We need social connection. Were social creatures, after all, and we have an innate need and desire to feel connected to others.

If you know you could use more in-person socialising in your life, we can help. Not only will you get fitter training with us, but if you talk to our members, youll discover were not just a regular, typically antisocial gym.

With us, youll actually get the chance to truly get to know the people you see everyday, and to forge long-lasting friendships in the process. Were as much a social house as we are a place to workout. Joining CrossFit Cambridgeshire will feel like being part of a School sports team or club again, minus the High School drama part of it.

If youre already part of our community, but feel like youre still buried in your phone during most of your waking hours of the day, here are three more tips for ensuring you get your dose of social time each day:

  1. Go to an event or tour, Cambridge has so much going on including food tours, talk, concerts, plays and many sports clubs. Take advantage of this by finding something that interests you and go to expand your mind. This is a great way to meet people as you’ll all have a common interest which you can talk about.
  1. Volunteer: Find something youre passionate aboutdogs, social justice, mental healthand give back by volunteering. 
  1. Engage strangers: When was the last time you struck up a conversation with someone at the coffee shop you visit each morning? You might learn something new, you might gain an appreciation for simple gestures and body language, and corny as it sounds, who knows, you might even make a friend along the way. There is something to be gained from every IN-PERSON human interaction, and friendly social connections even with strangers are sure to boost your morale and outlook on life. I do realise this is VERY unusual for us British!

Ok, one final challenge to you: As impossible as it might sound, commit to leaving your phone at home once or twice a week… Lol 



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