Are you a Zombie killing machine??

So over the past 4 years of coaching I have come across issues related to body image pretty much every day, both male and female.

Today I wanted to get something off my chest, it has become apparent to me that there is a completely screwed up vision of how a female’s body should look. The biggest challenge I, and I’m sure many other coaches have experienced, is the question “If I do CrossFit / lift weights, will I get huge muscles?” The answer is generally no – no you won’t!

Now remember we each have genetic outliers that control the level of muscle mass increase we experience no matter what type of exercise we do. There are also non responders that may struggle to adapt as quickly as others, so it is important to remember you cannot control how your body reacts to a training stimulus. The question usually proceeds the statement: “I’m tired of not seeing any results in my current gym program and I want to get a bit stronger,” … but we will come back to this.

At the gym we aim to not only improve your fitness and health we aim to give you the confidence to attack and succeed in any challenge that presents itself in life.

I am tired but ever more motivated of battling the archaic view that women are not allowed to be lean, healthy and strong individuals that stand up correctly and are able to handle themselves within a dangerous situation, for example dragging a family member from a burning car wreck, or escaping from a violent attack.

At CrossFit Cambridgeshire we are trying to change this perception mostly perpetuated by jealous and insecure individuals commonly in the mainstream media, or even worse a close family member or friend that can undo all of the hard work you put in to maximise your health and lifestyle in one cruel misguided sentence. These are often the same people that say a woman ‘has’ to be a size zero or the opposite and I feel this issue needs to be addressed.

Of course you can still live a life at these extreme ends of the spectrum, but ask yourself the question, are you functioning as an optimal badass zombie killing version of yourself?

There is still a huge hole in the way we think about the female body type, and saying that women who lift weights have an above average level of lean muscle mass would most likely be correct, however, when you consider that the average person is not a fully functioning, optimised badass zombie killing machine than yes that is definitely correct.

It is a complete solidified fact that to increase strength and lose body fat, you have to increase the level of lean muscle mass on your body. This fact is undeniable and completely acceptable on a female’s body.

Now this does not mean you are going to become laden with the levels of muscle mass an elite level athlete may have (again at the extreme end of the spectrum) but you are going to drop body fat and increase the level of definition of your muscles.

It is important to remember that most of the muscles you are training are functional muscles, and most of the population are currently living a dysfunctional life. Picture this, someone standing in a pair of heels, hyperextended in the lower back, internally rotated at the shoulders and head pitched forward of the chest, chin jutted out. This posture is leading to a whole world of health related issues later on in life, some of you probably suffering from already. Now when you come to the gym using functional exercises that aim to make you better at life, we are improving your posture aiming to stand you upright. This lifts your chest, pulls your shoulders back, engages your abs, engages your glutes and pulls your head back into its original position. This all has the added benefit of allowing your brain to transfer signals through the spinal cord, which is needed to keep your body functioning correctly.

To reach your goals whether they be business related, fitness related, aesthetically located, family orientated or lifestyle situated you NEED to have a level of muscle mass that allows you to be the most optimal badass version of yourself.

Lifting weights, doing gymnastic movements, utilising monostructural modalities executed at varying levels of intensity will help to do this, it will increase levels of muscle mass and enable you to take a step closer to your goals – the benefits of this are untold. They carry over into every aspect of your life not to mention the added bonus of staving off a whole long list of chronic diseases that will cost you more than just a few £££’s.

The common perception perpetuated by those negative, jealous, insecure and internally rotated, non-progressive people is one that is shifting and will take some time to adjust to what is actually a healthy female body type! So when those mentioned before try to undo all of your hard work, simply ask them could they survive in a zombie attack, the answer will most likely be…



Coach Lee

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