A little Seed of Hope – A Charity Rope Climb

A “Little Seed of Hope”

Anne-Marie Hoare hopes to raise as much money as possible for The Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge by climbing a rope on the 21st September. Here is her story…

“I set myself the challenge after always regretting not being able to climb a rope at school and I wanted to do something to mark the 10th anniversary of my friend Jo’s death, and to help the hospice at the same time.

I saw how well my uncle was cared for at the hospice, and was able to gently persuade Jo to go when I saw that staying at home was no longer viable for her.

It is an amazing place and the staff, so experienced with cancer care and with their gentle and quiet kindness, reassured her.

Jo planned to marry Kieran at the Granchester Tearooms but the cancer took hold, and while out on a bike ride I got the call from her maid of honour to go immediately, fetch the bridesmaids dresses and flowers and meet everyone there, as the wedding had to happen that day at the hospice.

The journey was a bit of a blur. I remember stopping at a flower van to grab a few sunflowers, Jo’s favourite. But I need not have worried as in the time it took to drive there the staff had turned the courtyard into a beautiful oasis, adorned with sunflowers everywhere and twinkling lights in the trees. Jo got her wish and married Kieran and passed peacefully away the next day.

So I got in touch with Scotsdales, whose logo is the sunflower, and they kindly donated hundreds of seeds, which my family packed up with a covering letter to every family at Duxford School to grow in the summer so that they would all bloom in time for the climb, and that is how the “Little Seed of Hope” grew.

It’s been a huge physical challenge to get myself in shape for the climb, and thank goodness my friend stepped in and paid for me to have a personal trainer, head coach at CrossFit Cambridgeshire Lee Carder.

The first time I tried to climb the rope with Lee, I realised how naïve I had been in thinking I could do this by myself, using some weights and cycling. It’s all about technique, physical strength and stamina, all of which I have learned and developed with Lee’s patience, rope burns, sweat and sometimes tears.”

If you would like to support raising funds for the hospice, please donate to:



Anne-Marie will be undertaking this challenge on the 21/9/13 at 1300 hrs.

This challenge is all in aid of a great charity, so please come and show your support.


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