8th tip of Christmas- Sleep

Tip 8 Getting quality sleep

This time of year it’s very common to hear people say they are exhausted. It’s the end of a busy year and time for a rest. Sleep is very important when it comes to health and recovery so don’t feel bad for having a lie in if you can – make the most of the rest. Many of us may struggle to get the ideal 7 to 8 hours that is recommended in our normal weeks. So make sure you get good quality sleep over the festive period with these 3 tips:

  1. Don’t use phones or laptops at least 30 mins before bed as the blue light that these devices give out effects the quality of sleep and how quickly you drop off.
  2. Make sure the room you sleep in is as dark as possible so that you aren’t woken up before you are ready.
  3. Try taking some zinc and magnesium. Having sufficient levels of these minerals in your body is thought to aid sleep. Supplements may help promote deeper REM sleep cycles, which in turn improves recovery.


Sleep well so Father Christmas can fill your stockings!

Coach Phil

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