6th tip of Christmas- Dinner time.

Now I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to those that know me but Christmas lunch/dinner is probably my favourite part of the day. This is for two reasons; these are because everyone is around one table and because of the lovely food on offer.

It’s tempting to pile your plate high with something of everything on the big day. Avoid that overly full feeling by taking a normal portion, but with a larger amount of vegetables. You can also make more of a feature of the veg by doing something a little more adventurous with it rather than just steaming or boiling it.

If you aren’t sure of your portion sizes, see our previous blog here which teaches you how to use your hand as a way of checking you portion. There are always leftovers so you’ll be able to try some of everything at some point – don’t overdo it at once.

Wherever possible get in the fresh greens so you know you are getting nutrients in alongside the more stodgy dishes.

Take your time and eat slowly, really chewing your food to make digestion as easy as possible. It takes up to twenty minutes for your body to feel satiated so make sure you enjoy the time and don’t rush.



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