3rd tip of Christmas- be active

Over the Holiday period most of us end up being very busy socially and we very rarely make time to be active. If you’re reading this then it’s most likely that you have an interest in fitness, so getting out and being active is the norm. How can you keep this good habit over the holidays?

It’s as simple as this… Just make it happen! The only thing stopping you from finding the time to be active is you, so get up that little bit earlier and fit in some activity. A 30 minute circuit can easily be done at home, in the park or down the gym.

Make it part of the day. Often over this time of year we meet up with friends and family. What better way to be active than going for a country walk and burning off Christmas dinner. Grab the coats and wellies and off you go!

Allocate time to be active in your day.
Some activity is always better than none
You’re often with family and friends so plan to do something as a group

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