2nd Tip of Christmas- Snacking

Tip Number 2- Snacking 

At Christmas and New Year there will be plenty of snacks and foods you don’t often eat on offer. The cakes, biscuits, sweets, crisps, breads and leftovers are things we all come across.

They are great and can be enjoyed but it’s very easy to have too much. Don’t deny yourself the delights of the day, but recognise what you’re having, and keep an eye on how much sugar is on your plate. Take specific servings rather than grazing and chose healthier options – have a bit more turkey rather than another five After Eights, for example.   

If you know you’re going to a friend’s house or a party, find out if you’re having a meal or if it’s just a buffet. If it just the latter, then maybe have a meal before you leave, that way you won’t be hungry when you arrive and limit the chances of grazing and eating more than you would do usually. Each day have a normal, healthy breakfast so that you start the day right.

Find out if you’ll need to eat before a party so you don’t end up grazing
Have the things you enjoy but don’t over indulge by keeping track of portions
Add colour to your meals and snacks – make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg

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