2016 Cambridge Half Marathon

Cambridge Half Marathon 2016
When you sign up for a race such as a half marathon, many thoughts whizz through your head as you add your details and click the confirmation button. In the brief moments while you wait for your spot to be confirmed, you wonder ‘will I get a new personal best’, ‘can I run that distance’, ‘should I aim for a time’, and ‘why am I doing this!’. These are all things that many of us at CrossFit Cambridgeshire thought about as we signed up for the 2016 Cambridge Half Marathon last year.

Many CFC members entered the race for lots of different reasons – but there was one common one – for the challenge!

On the morning of the race we headed to Midsummer common, which acted as the hub for the event with the race starting on Victoria Avenue. Runners then headed towards town before going along the Newmarket road, up the A1134 and on to the Chesterton Road. This was ideal as it gave the runners a bit of space to spread out before heading into the narrower town streets via bridge street, Sidney St and on to King’s Parade.

Having crowds lining the street along these first couple of miles really helped getting us get into the stride of things before heading out of town along Trumpington road. From there we went right to head towards Grantchester. Even more support greeted us along the way, with the smells of BBQ and live music being played all adding to the character of the new route.

Once through Grantchester we headed out towards the fields along the Coton Road, then back towards town on the Barton road with the college’s recreation grounds running along side us confirming that we were coming back into the city and there wasn’t too much to go.

Once in the city the route took us along the backs of the colleges before crossing the river at Garret Hostel Lane onto Trinity Street and then back to Bridge Street. We then retraced the first part of the race along Chesterton and Newmarket Road, before the final leg up Victoria Avenue – which was lined by cheering spectators and supporters to cross the finish line.

Feedback from our members was that the new route was a huge improvement on the old two lap race, and that the support of all the people along the way made it a special event. We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the organisers, volunteers and support staff for putting on awesome race. I for one will be entering again next year and I’m sure even more members of CrossFit Cambridgeshire will also take up the challenge!

The results
Sophie 2:16:18, Selma 1:54, Stefanos 3:12, Claire J 1.47, Ann 1:48, Lionel 1.43.55, Jo  2:20, Lawrence 1.39.07, Marcin 1:55, Sherden 1:28:42, Dan 1:27:36, Claire P 2:26:11, Philip 2:26:11, John 1:21:54, Rich 1:37:21, Bryony 1:53:49, Ian 1:52:43

So if this has made you want to do next year’s race go ahead and sign up in the autumn. By setting yourself a physical task you are making yourself accountable, aiming for something and most importantly giving yourself a chance to achieve – it’s a great feeling reaching that finish line!

Coach Phil

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