11th tip of Christmas- do this to get the most of 2016

Before you know it Christmas will have been and gone, and we’ll be moving into 2016. In the New Year many of us, including myself, want to make changes covering many aspects of our life – which can mostly easily be divided into three areas: health, wealth and relationships.

When we want to improve on these areas it can be helpful to create a vision of what it would be like to not only achieve these goals but how things would change as a result of them coming to fruition. This is an important aspect when it comes to creating your goals for the year so let your mind wander and have fun.

Once you have a vision for an area of your life you want to improve it is going to be the driving force behind what you’ll do in the year. Behind each vision, assign yourself goal that will bring you closer to it and then from that tasks which will be the building blocks for hitting the goals.

As example of this could be:

Vision: To feel full of energy when running, knowing that I can push myself and feel happy in the process of completing a half marathon with a new personal best time. The goal for this would be to complete a half marathon in a target time or to beat a previous record. The tasks would be to run 2 times a week. Following of programme to stay on track, measure your times and speeds so you can see the improvements

Vision – the reason

This is going to be the driving force behind why you want to make the change. Achieving new things is never going to be easy but the pleasure of this vision has to be more powerful than the discomfort of trying something new. Write it out and display it somewhere you will see it each day, read it out loud every day. In doing so it’ll confirm your vision and keep it in the front of your mind.

Goal – the specifics

Make these a positive addition, as too often people make the goal a negative. One example of this and the most common one is “I want to lose weight”. Instead aim to gain something which is more appealing and is an addition. An example of this is maybe a new 5km personal best, and a by-product of this will be a drop in body fat as a result of the training. Make it realistic if you have never done any running don’t set the goal of running an ultramarathon, and lastly make sure you have a way of measuring – it like a time.  

Tasks – the building blocks    .

Make them easy to do so that you’ll get pleasure from doing them, and be more likely to carry them on. A group of tasks for the above goal may be active for at least 10 minutes a day, replace raw carrot instead of biscuits and stretch. These are simple, achievable tasks but compounded together over a period of time they help you hit your goal and fulfill your vision.

By putting these simple things into place you’ll take the most important step in moving forward which is knowing what you are going to do and how you’ll do it.

This is a good starting point for anyone who will make the improvements that they want. If you’d like to know more then please let me know.

Coach Phil       

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